USAID Collaborative Governance Program (CGP) works with a Consortium of public and private Kyrgyz Universities led by Kyrgyz National University (KNU) to develop nonprofit management (NPM) courses, establish and continuously update such courses in universities, and enhance academic capabilities and resources for nonprofit management. To date, five NPM courses have been developed under the mentorship of local consultants and Johns Hopkins University’s Center on Civil Society Studies (JHU/CCSS), a leader in NPM studies in the United States, which provided expertise and technical assistance to ensure excellence and innovation in the curriculum. 11 Consortium-member Universities have enrolled over 1,500 students in four elective courses on “Introduction to Nonprofit Management”, "Nonprofit Organizations in the Modern World", “Financial Management in Nonprofit Organizations”, and “Public Policy and Advocacy in the Kyrgyz Republic”.  The fifth NPM course “Rule of Law and Nonprofit Sector” was launched in the fall of 2017.

Consortium of Universities and Association of NPM Educators:

CGP, in close consultations with KNU and rectors of 23 public and private universities, developed a framework for establishing a Consortium of Universities on Nonprofit Management (NPM). Sixteen universities signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on December 13, 2013, to officially launch the Consortium of Universities on NPM. Two more Universities signed a Memorandum in 2016.
The establishment of the Association of Nonprofit Management Educators in March 2016 was a significant step towards the achievement of the goal of building a sustainable civil society in the Kyrgyz Republic. This newly registered organization will strengthen the work of the Consortium of Kyrgyz Public and Private Universities to further promote Nonprofit Management education in the Kyrgyz Republic. 
In response to the of lack of NPM resources in the Kyrgyz language and the need for courses to reflect realities in the Kyrgyz Republic, USAID CGP, through a University Assistance Grant to the Association of NPM Educators, supported the development of a NPM textbook. Fifteen members of the Association of NPM Educators successfully developed the NPM textbook with a glossary, which was published and officially launched in November 2017.
USAID CGP, through two University Assistance Grants provided to the Association of Nonprofit Management Educators in 2016, supported the establishment of four NPM Resource Centers at Naryn, Batken. Jalal-Abad and Talas State Universities in addition to the earlier established NPM Resource Centers at Osh State University (2015) and KNU (2013). 
# Consortium Members Location
1 Kyrgyz National University Bishkek
2 Osh State University (OshSU) Osh
3 International University of Kyrgyzstan (IUK) Bishkek
4 Jalal-Abad State University Jalalabad
5 Batken State University Batken
6 Tynystanov Issyk-Kul State University Issyk-Kul
7 I. Arabaev Kyrgyz State University Bishkek
8 Kyrgyz State Law Academy Bishkek
9 Kyrgyz Technical University named after I. Razzakov Bishkek
10 International University for Innovative Technologies (IUIT) Bishkek
11 Kyrgyz-Russian Slavic University (KRSU) named after B.N. Yeltsin Bishkek
12 International Plato University (IPU) Bishkek
13 Kyrgyz State University of Construction, Transport and Architecture Bishkek
14 Talas State University Talas
15 Naryn State University Naryn
16 Bishkek Humanities University Bishkek


Network of Nonprofit Management Resource Centers

The first Nonprofit Management Resource Center was established at KNU through a CGP University Assistance Grant on December 13, 2013. CGP provides support to the KNU Coordinator to manage the NPM Resource Center and coordinate logistics for professors from the Consortium of Universities to participate in quarterly professional development workshops organized to develop the NPM curriculum and courses. The Coordinator also facilitates networking with international associations and ensures they have access to online journals and conference papers. Since 2015, CGP has supported the establishment of a network of NPM Resource Centers in five other consortium-member universities – Osh, Naryn, Batken, Jalal-Abad, and Talas State Universities - to strengthen the cooperation of these universities in implementing NPM education.The NPM Resource Centers are open to faculty and students of universities and CSOs members from across the country. The NPM Resource Centers host training-of-trainers’ sessions for professors of these universities, where members of the Association of NPM Educators share their best practices in delivering NPM courses, using advanced interactive teaching methodologies, and developing NPM case studies. Professional development workshops, roundtable discussions, meetings, and lectures are organized at the NPM Resource Center as part of CGP activities. The technology in all six NPM Resource Centers provides a significantly improved space for increased cooperation between the public, private, and civil society sections in the Kyrgyz Republic.

NPM Fellowship Program

USAID CGP provided university professors from the Consortium of Universities on Nonprofit Management (NPM) with the opportunity to participate in the CGP NPM Fellowship Program that took place in the U.S. under the leadership of Johns Hopkins University’s Center on Civil Society Studies in 2014. In 2015, CGP also supported the second NPM Fellowship Program for select Kyrgyz professors to work with peers in two universities in the Republic of Georgia and learn their best practices on NPM education. The NPM Fellowship Program is designed to strengthen the capacity of NPM professors in the Kyrgyz Republic by enabling them to expand their knowledge of the nonprofit sector and nonprofit management in a way that will enhance their ability to teach this complex subject.