Networking and Advocacy Grants – Partnership for Change (PfC) Grants support networks or coalitions in their efforts to address specific policy issues through non-partisan, evidence-based research and policy analysis and/or monitoring of implementation of reforms. They provide resources and support to CSOs working jointly to advocate on behalf of citizen constituencies in favor of specific political, economic, social reforms, and/or working jointly to ensure transparency and accountability of public or private institutions.


Public Union Forum of Women’s NGOs is implementing the grant project “Development and Strengthening of Women's Organizations in Partnership with Local Authorities to Promote the Rights of Rural Women" aimed to promote women's rights in rural areas through partnerships among women’s CSOs, female MPs, and local governments. The Forum of Women's NGOs works in partnership with four rural women's NGOs: DIA (Osh oblast), KyrkKyz (Issyk-Kul oblast), Alga (Chui oblast), and the Association of Women's NGOs “Aksatkyn” (Nookat district, Osh oblast). The project works to increase participation of rural women activists in decision-making at the local level, to strengthen the role and influence of female MPs, and to facilitate the introduction of women's issues on the agenda of local government bodies. For additional information, visit:

Public Union Liberal Youth Alliance "Svobodnoe Pokolenie" is implementing the grant project “Promote the Introduction of Measures for Police Reform,” which supports civil society efforts to monitor police reform initiatives implemented by the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA) of the Kyrgyz Republic. The project advocates for MIA to introduce police reform measures previously proposed by civil society. The grantee is conducting an advocacy campaign to expand the number of CSOs that will monitor MIA-led reform to ensure implementation. Liberal Youth Alliance trains CSOs to monitor and report on police reform using their monitoring methodology. This grant enables CSOs to monitor current MIA-led reform and supports civil society efforts to hold MIA more accountable to citizens through transparent reporting. For more information, visit:

Public Fund “Institute for Public Analysis” is implementing the grant project “Civic Oversight of the Judicial System” in partnership with Public Association "Precedent Partner Group" and Public Fund "Voice of Freedom." This project analyzes the judicial system and suggests ways to make improvements, increases civil society engagement in lobbying for fair and equal access to justice in accordance with the law, and litigates test cases as a mechanism of advocating for change. The project objective is to ensure access to justice for those charged under administrative offenses by identifying the most common procedural violations and defending the rights of citizens against those violations. Ultimately, this grantee hopes to create remedies to improve procedures and legislation in the Administrative Code of the Kyrgyz Republic. For more information, visit: