October 1, 2015


The Collaborative Governance Program (CGP) in the Kyrgyz Republic works to foster effective collaboration between a credible, sustainable civil society, the private sector, and the Government of Kyrgyz Republic resulting in a more responsive and accountable government and in providing quality service deliver for all citizens. CGP seeks to improve the social compact between the government and the Kyrgyz people by capitalizing on the increased cooperation between the public, private, and civil society sectors in the Kyrgyz Republic.

The purpose of this EOI is to identify local consultants to provide institutional and human capacity assessments of designated non-profit and for- profit organizations.  This EOI is for individual consultants and not consulting or training organizations.  The CGP anticipates selecting multiple consultants for this requirement.  Selected consultants must be Kyrgyz citizens.

The CGP seeks qualified and available individual consultants for a series of multiple short-term consultancies that will conduct diagnostics of designated public libraries, for-profit publishers, independent media outlets, and CSOs. Individual consultants are expected to provide technical assistance and consulting services - referred to as CGP’s diagnostic processes - which are related to assessing, improving, and strengthening the capacity and performance of organizations who request to undergo such an assessment.

The CGP will provide training for selected consultants on how to conduct the diagnostic assessment and how to prepare the associated customized organizational reports and resultant capacity strengthening plans.

Criteria for selection of individual consultants include:

  • Prior experience working with CGP’s diagnostic tools is preferred
  • Prior experience and understanding of human and organizational capacity building tools and techniques as well as the current organizational challenges facing the public libraries, for- profit publishers, independent media outlets, civic society organizations (CSOs) throughout the Kyrgyz Republic
  • Proven technical writing skills
  • Proven experience and communication skills working with clients of diverse backgrounds and organizational objectives 
  • Availability to conduct diagnostics throughout the Kyrgyz Republic
  • Assuming up to 2–weeks advance notice from the CGP for each desired diagnostic assessment; selected consultants will agree to commit to being available for multiple short-term consultancies for the period of 1 November 2015 through 30 September 2016.

Individual consultants who wish to be considered should submit their EOI, questions, and qualifications and/or CVs (in English or Russian) to info-cgp@ewmi-kg.org.

Responses to this EOI should insert “Individual Consultants for Diagnostics” in the subject line of their response.

This call for expression of interests will remain open until 1700 October 16, 2015.