During the period of 1 September 2014 through 30 September 2015, the USAID- and DFID- funded Collaborative Governance Program (CGP) intends to announce a series of grant opportunities through the release of multiple Requests for Applications (RFAs). Each RFA will contain the information required to apply for a grant.  However, please read further into this announcement to learn more about the types of grant opportunities that will be forthcoming as well as the prerequisites for apply for grants under CGP.

CGP provides opportunities and incentives for Kyrgyzstani CSOs, networks of CSOs, and think tanks through its organizational and human capacity assessment and strengthening activities as well as through the a variety of grants. These grants are designed to promote civic engagement at a variety of levels; facilitate and encourages cooperation between CSOs and media; incentivize CSOs to engage local constituencies; and work collaboratively with government officials, businesses, and media. CGP grants seek to promote civic engagement; enhance the work of CSO coalitions; promote public policy analysis and reform; and support rapid response initiatives to address emerging issues of public interest.

Through the release of a series of RfAs over the next year, CGP will solicit grant applications that address topical issues including but not limited to:

  • promoting the civil society sector
  • access to information (including support for independent media),
  • government transparency,
  • public education and advocacy,
  • coalition building,
  • rule of law and legal reform,
  • conflict resolution
  • human rights monitoring and advocacy,
  • civic education
  • market economy,
  • advocacy efforts in support of democratic processes
  • counter-trafficking and labor rights
  • ethnic, minority, and gender equality,
  • protection of the environment and promotion of sustainable resources,
  • anti-corruption and accountable individuals and institutions,
  • judicial process and equal access to justice
  • law enforcement and rights of accused and accuser

Only profiled CSOs can become CGP partners and ultimately, only those CSOs who have “opted-in” to diagnostic processes and participated in offers of program activities for CSO strengthening will be considered eligible for grants.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Which organizations are eligible? All local CSOs whose CGP profile has been completed.

How do I provide CGP with our organization’s profile? Simply complete the profile form with basic information about your organization.  Please visit www.cso-kg.org to find the forms used for completing your organization’s profile or for more information or assistance in completing the profile form.

How do I learn more about the diagnostic process?  Visit www.cso-kg.org contact us via email at profile@cso-kg.org; or speak over the phone at +996 (553) 33 66 33.

How do I learn more about upcoming grant opportunities?  All CSOs who have completed the profile form discussed above will be included into a database, allowing you to receive regular announcements of new CGP grant opportunities.

Does CGP provide technical support? After an organization is placed in the CGP database and requests to participate in the diagnostic process, technical and administrative support will be made available in such areas as project conceptualization and strategic visioning; project design and implementation; monitoring and evaluation; project budgeting and financial management; public outreach and media relations; and/or mentoring assistance from local consultants in the various technical areas being addressed by the grant.

What benefits does my organization receive from the diagnostic process?

  • The ability to apply for grants offered by the CGP
  • The results of the diagnostic process provide each organization with:
  • A CSO Health Report - a narrative report on the results of the diagnostic assessment which discusses the strengths and weaknesses of the organization in 10 critical organizational development areas
  • A capacity strengthening plan that highlights priority areas for the organization to address based upon the results discussed in the CSO Health Report
  • Access to CSO-strengthening workshops, seminars, and/or trainings

How do I apply for a grant? Each RfA provides information on how an organization may apply for a grant.  The RfA also provides explanations and points of contact to address questions within the overall applications process. 

Partnership: CGP encourages(and often requires) partnerships between experienced CSOs and less experienced CSOs to jointly implement proposed projects.