On July 11, 2017, Public Fund “DIA”, with the support of the USAID Collaborative Governance Program, held a roundtable discussion to develop additional services of a psychologist and a lawyer to prevent domestic violence and provide assistance to women-victims of domestic violence in six ayil aimaks (rural self-governments), including Gulchinsky in Alay region, Jooshky, Madynsky, and Narimanovsky in Kara-Suu district, Keneshky in Nookat district and Tort-Kolsky in Uzgen region of Osh oblast (province).

The participants of the roundtable discussed the main points of the Law of Kyrgyz Republic “On Safeguarding and Protection Against Domestic Violence” and regulatory and legal acts of the Kyrgyz Republic "On State and Municipal Services" and "On the Register of State and Municipal Services" and unanimously supported the adoption and introduction of new municipal services of a lawyer and psychologist for working with victims of domestic violence, as well as for the prevention and further elimination of domestic violence. The participants also discussed the composition of the new working coalition group, the format of future meetings and a plan of joint action for coalition groups in six pilot rural municipalities of Osh oblast.

The roundtable discussions were attended by Chairman of the Budget Commission of Aiyl Kenesh (Local Parliament) of Nookat district Gulnara Tilebaeva, Deputy Head of Joosh Ayil Okmotu of Kara-Suu district Duishonkul Keneshev, deputies of local councils, experts on gender and representatives of civil society organizations and media.

Photo 1 DIAs roundtable

A group of participants from Madynskey aiyil okmotu of Kara-Suu district: (from left to right) Head of the Department on Social Development Ms Toktosunova, members of aiyl kenesh, Mr. Tashiyev and Mirlan Kydyrov, members of the coalition group of Madynskey aiyil okmotu of Kara-Suu district Nazgul Soltonova and Miss Amatzhakypova

Photo 2 DIAs roundtable

Leader of the women's movement and expert on gender Nurzhan Israilova (from left to right), a member of the Nariman ayil okmotu of Kara-Suu district Danier Gafurov, deputy head of the Narimanov aiyil okmotu Kara-Suu district Duishonkul Keneshov, leading specialist, and social worker of Zhooshskey aiyil okmotu Gulmira Ormonova take active part in the round table

Photo 3 DIAs roundtable

(from right to left) Aidarkulov Bekmamat and Aigul Matieva, journalists of the regional newspaper "Osh Janyrygy", Adashgul Akmatova, journalist from "AkiPress", Jyldyz Akmatzhakypova, Director of "Dostuk Nariste" kindergarten

Photo 4 DIAs roundtable

Members of the Keneshskey aiyl okmotu of Nookat district - lawyer Mukhtarbek Osmonov, responsible worker Kenesh Asamidinov, deputy and chairman of the budget commission of the Keneshskey aiyil council of Nookat district, Gulnara Tilebaeva