In July 2017, the Kyrgyz Association of Women Judges, supported by the USAID Collaborative Governance Program, published a booklet for high school students with illustrations titled “I know about the judicial system in the Kyrgyz Republic”. The booklet describes the government structure, legal bases of the Constitution, and the Kyrgyz Republic’s judicial system and court proceedings.

Lawyers and judges developed the content of the booklet, with understandable language for high school students. The 15-page glossy booklet contains visual materials that may also be useful for a broad range of readers seeking to learn about the government structure, children rights and the judiciary. The booklet can be downloaded here: "I know about the judicial system in the Kyrgyz Republic".

The booklet was developed within the project “Raising Awareness of the Judicial System” and will be disseminated during guest lectures delivered by the Association of Women Judges in secondary schools countrywide.

Brochure on Judicial System