On September 12, the NPM Resource Center of Naryn State University hosted a guest lecture by Mahabat Bekboeva, Doctor of Economic Sciences on the theme “Development of Social Services and the Role of Nonprofits (NPOs) in Solving Social Problems in Kyrgyzstan”.  Students and faculty members attended the guest lecture. The lecturer talked about the high level of involvement of NPOs in the process of identification of the most acute social problems, and its subsequent solving. In her presentation, Ms. Bekboeva drew the audience’s attention to the real examples of the activity of nonprofits in helping vulnerable groups, developing education, preservation of traditions and culture, lawmaking and resolution of interethnic conflicts. During the guest lecture, the participants also shared their view and knowledge on the role of NPOs in solving social problems. As a result of the discussions, the participants came to a conclusion that cooperation of state bodies, nonprofits and business sector is necessary to improve the quality of social services to vulnerable families and citizens.

Photo 1 NSU Joint photo of guest lecture participants 12 09 2017 копия

A photo of Doctor of Economic Sciences Mahabat Bekboeva (center, first row) with Naryn State University students and professors after the guest lecture at NPM Resource Center