On February 6, 2018, Batken State University inaugurated a new Nonprofit Management (NPM) Resource Center at at its affiliate branch - Suluktu Regional Institute. This is the seventh NPM Resource Center that was opened with the support of the USAID Collaborative Governance Program through the PU “Association of Nonprofit Management Educators” to provide informational and consultative support on NPM issues and serve as a platform for guest lectures, conferences and discussions on different topics. For more info, please see Batken TV news at: https://cloud.mail.ru/stock/RDtmEaLdmSWHX5whWrSBizB4 or visit CGP website: https://www.facebook.com/collaborative.governance.program/videos/1737917319604950/

Ribbon cutting in Suluktu 06 02 2018 DSC 0300

Ruslan Moldokasymov, Deputy Chief of Party of the USAID Collaborative Governance Program (from left to right), Abdivap Zulpuev, Rector of Batken State University, Chinara Ashimova, member of the Association of NPM Educators, and Mr. Abdunazarov, Mayor of Suluktu city, cut a ribbon to inaugurate the new NPM Resource Center at Suluktu Regional Institute of Batken State University.