On February 20, 2018, over 40 students, and representatives of three CSOs participated in the guest lecture of three young leaders from ProKG project: Aigerim Usonova, Zarina Isakova, and Sultan Aiylchiev. Professional Club ProKG was founded in 2009 by the graduates of the world's top universities and unites over 110 highly qualified specialists in different fields, willing to motivate young people of Kyrgyzstan by sharing their experience and personal examples of achievements and successes at the international level. The guest speakers talked to students about the role of young leaders in the development of a modern society. Young professionals also focused students’ attention on fundamental factors that will help today’s youth become successful and future professional leaders in society. As a result of the guest lecture, the students learned about important personal and professional qualities that can be obtained by active participation in public life, search for new knowledge, and active volunteering.

This is one of a series of guest lectures organized for university students, professors, and CSO leaders at eight NPM Resource Centers opened at universities countrywide with the support of USAID CGP.

Photo 1 Aigerim Usonova KNU NPM RC guest interactive meeting IMG 4912

Aigerim Usonova, Executive Director of Professional Club ProKG, sharing her experience with Professional Club ProKG, which unites over 110 highly professional businessmen, experts in different areas, and graduates of the best world and our county’s universities. 

Photo 2 Founders of ProKG Aigerim Usonova presented IMG 4901

Executive Director of Professional Club ProKG, Aigerim Usonova, familiarized students with founders of Professional Club ProKG.

Photo 3 Aigerim Usonova students listen IMG 4902

Over 40 students actively participated in the guest interactive meeting and listened attentively to Aigerim Usonova’s experience with ProKG.

Photo 4 Zarina Isakova speaking KNU GL IMG 4915

Graduate of Central European University Zarina Isakova sharing her experience with studies at the university and current work connected with diplomacy, government, non-commercial and commercial sectors, and international donor organizations.

Photo 5 Sultan Aiylchiev Finance Coordinator KfW KNU IMG 4922

Coordinator of Finance Sector at KfW of the German State Development Bank, Sultan Aiylchiev, told students about the successful “Leadership Project” at ProKG, which has been working four years to select the most active young leaders between the age of 19-23 to strengthen their potential, network with professionals in different fields to learn their experience, and be in demand in the international labor market.

Photo 6 Gulnara Aitbaeva CSO leader KNU GL IMG 4930

Leader of the Bishkek CSO Women's Center Gulnara Aitbayeva invited students to participate in the work of her CSO as volunteers.