On September 20, Prime Minister Joomart Otorbaev had a working meeting with representatives of CGP grantee "Free Generation" Liberal Youth Alliance and Civic Union "For Reforms and Results", including Timur Shaihutdinov, Urmat Kazakbaev, Galina Davletbaeva, Asyl Aitbaeva, and Atyr Abdrakhmatova to discuss priority issues of reforming the internal affairs agencies, including priority measures to increase citizen's trust to the staff of the law enforcement bodies.

Photo: Press Service of the Government of KR
In the center PM Otorbaev during his meeting with Acting Minister of Internal Affairs Melis Turganbaev; Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Kursan Asanov; Co-chair of Lyberal Youth Alliance (LYA) Timur Shaihutdinov; Community Mobilization Coordinator Galina Davletbaeva; Co-Chair of LYA Urmat Kazakbaev; Director of International Center Interbilim Asyl Aitbaeva; Independent Expert on Police Security Ravshan Abdukarimov; Lawyer at Civic Union "For Reforms and Results" Atyr Abdrakhmatova; Egor Skobeev, Inspector at the PM's Office; and Vice Prime Minister Abdyrakhman Mamataliev

PM Otorbaev said, referring to the civil society activists: "The opinion of the civil society on the ongoing reforms in the law enforcement system is the most important for us, as without the support of active citizens, we cannot achieve the desired results. I have marked increase of public confidence in the authorities as the main criteria for evaluating the work of the government. In this regard, we are interested to work closely with you to promote your ideas and suggestions, to integrate them into the agenda of the reform." The meeting was held with participation of Acting Minister of Internal Affairs Melis Turganbaev, Vice Prime Minister Abdyrakhman Mamataliev, and Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Kursan Asanov. For more information, please visit: http://kg.akipress.org/news:603260