In March 2018, 55 representatives from 31 CSOs of Osh, Batken, Issyk-Kul and Chui Oblasts and Bishkek participated in a two-day workshop on “The Foundations of Successful and Sustainable Organization Development” organized by the USAID Collaborative Governance Program. The workshop helps the participants extend their knowledge on sustainable organizational development and learn the basics of analytical tools. The workshop includes the following important aspects: an overview of the key sources of funding, analysis of existing resources, and encourages an open discussion of non-grant funding sources.

Photo 1 Foundations of Successful and Sustain Dev t Osh IMG 0723

Working in a team to identify sources of funding available in Osh CSOs.

Photo 2 Found Success Sustain Karakol IMG 5110

Trainer Chynara Ashimova provides some guidance to the participants during the seminar in Karakol.

Photo 3 Found n Success Sutain Devel Karakol

A participant filling the table of main sources of funding of CSOs in Issyk-Kul Oblast.

Photo 4 Foundations of Successful Sustain Dev OshIMG 0736

The participants presenting the results of the group work to all participants.

Photo 5 Found n of Success Sustainable Devel t Osh IMG 0721

Teamwork helps to identify different experiences of CSOs on making their organization more sustainable and successful.

Photo 6 Found of Success Sustain Dev t Osh IMG 0742

The participants of the workshop sharing their experience on building relations with media.

Photo 7 Found n of Success Sustain Dev t Osh IMG 0745 1

Group work is fun - it provides an opportunity for every participant to share their own experience and learn new experiences.

Photo 8 Foundtation Sustain Success Dev t Karakol IMG 5132

Trainer Chynara Ashimova awards the Certificate of Completion to one of the participants of the workshop “The Foundations of Successful and Sustainable Organization Development”.