On December 7, 2018, the Nonprofit Management Resource Center at Kyrgyz State University (KNU) hosted a guest lecture on the theme: “Access to Justice for Vulnerable Population in the Kyrgyz Republic” of Elzar Elemanov, Rule of Law Program Officer of the USAID Collaborative Governance Program. Over 35 university students participated in the interactive guest lecture and learned a lot during Elzar Elemanov’s presentation. The participants discussed different aspects of the Rule of Law in the Kyrgyz Republic, access to justice, the Constitution of the KR, the Law on State-guaranteed Legal Assistance and the role of the Center for Coordination of State-guaranteed Legal Aid established under the Ministry of Justice of the KR. The participants were also told about the existing 24 Free Legal Aid Centers (FLACs) located in all regions of the country, where citizens can receive free legal consultations and received contact information for FLACs at: http://legalmap.gov.kg./ru/pages/free-legal-aid-centers/ and other legal service provides at: http://legalmap.gov.kg/ that are available on the Ministry of Justice’s website: www.minjust.gov.kg. The lecturer also shared some interesting findings of the survey made by UNDP on access to justice in the country and focused attention of the participants on free legal aid guaranteed to citizens by the Kyrgyz Constitution and explained who is eligible for it. The participants learned about the importance of access to free legal aid especially for vulnerable population, including victims of domestic violence. The participants also watched a video about bride kidnapping in Kyrgyzstan and applauded to Elzar for the wonderful opportunity to learn about citizen’s rights guaranteed by the Constitution. At the end of the lecture, lecturer organized a contest among students on the knowledge received during the guest lecture. The winners received symbolic gifts as awards. The participants were asked to share the booklets about FLACs and knowledge received during the guest lecture with their families, friends and those in need of legal aid. 
During the annual decade of legal assistance organized by the Ministry of Justice’s Center for Coordination of State-Guaranteed Legal Aid in partnership with donor partners, 1,233 citizens attended 18 guest lectures at universities of Kyrgyzstan. 
 Photo 1 Elzar Elemanov gives a lecture IMG 6933

Elzar Elemanov, Rule of Law Program Officer of the USAID Collaborative Governance Program, gives a guest lecture on the theme: “Access to Justice for Vulnerable Population in the Kyrgyz Republic”.

Photo 2 Group photo nice IMG 7053

The participants after the interactive guest lecture in a memory photo.

Photo 5 Contest for prize winners IMG 7045

Students willingly participating in a contest on the knowledge received during the guest lecture.

Photo 3 Students in attention IMG 7029

During the guest lecture, the participants ask different questions.

Photo 6 All are in attention IMG 6952

The students listen with attention and interest to Elzar Elemanov’s guest lecture.

Photo 7 Elzar presents a legal map IMG 7003

Elzar Elemanov’s guest lecture was interesting with many examples and impressive statistical data on access to justice for vulnerable population and citizens’ rights for state-guaranteed free legal aid.

Photo 8 Questions Active Students IMG 7031

The participants are active and ask different questions to clarify some aspects of rule of law and access to justice in the KR.

Photo 9 All together nice IMG 7049

Overall, 35 students, a professor and a member of CSO attended the guest lecture of Elzar Elemanov.