On February 19, 2019 PU “Abiyir El” together with partner PU “Rural Life” held a roundtable in Karakol to present the goals and objectives of the project “Promoting Local Committees for Safeguarding and Protection from Domestic Violence”. Overall, 58 participants of the roundtable included representatives of local self-government bodies, education and health institutions, women councils, youth, elderly, and rural health committees of Jety-Oguz, Oktyabrskey and Teplokluchenskey aiyl aimaks and Jety-Oguz and Ak-Suu Rayon Administration of Issyk-Kul Oblast. During the roundtable, the participants actively discussed issues with families of migrants, where children and parents suffer more often in many cases. The participants discussed further plans and activities on safeguarding and protecting from domestic violence. The project is implemented with the support of the USAID Collaborative Governance Program.

Photo 1 Social Worker Zina Omurzakova Jolgolot village

Social worker Zina Omurzakova from Jolgolot village of Ak-Suu Rayon sharing her experience on working with children and their families to safeguard and prevent from domestic violence.

Photo 2 Ombudsman of Issyk Kul Oblast Timaeva speaking o

Ombudsman’s representative in Issyk-Kul Oblast Ms. Tamaeva highlighted the importance of joint efforts on safeguarding and protecting from domestic violence in the region.

Photo 3 Head of Jety Oguz AA Seidakmatov Ppt presentation o

Head of Jety-Oguz Aiyil Okmotu Mr. Seidakmatov supports the idea of strengthening CPDVs and promised that the local government will also work on safeguarding and protecting from domestic violence.

Photo 4 Venera Izakova Abiyir El speaking CPDVs

Venera Isakova from PU Abiyir El highlights the importance of preventive work with students of secondary schools.

Photo 5 partner of Abiyir El Selskaya zhizn leader speaking o

Head of PU “Rural Life” Ms. Bupebaeva sharing her view on the work with CPDVs in their communities.

Photo 6 58 participants Roundtable Abiyir El all participants 19 02 2019

Overall, 58 participants including heads and deputy heads of Ak-Suu and Jety-Oguz local governments (aiyil okmotu), representatives of the Ombudsman’s Office, members of CPDVs, youth, elderly and rural health committees and social workers participated in the roundtable in Karakol on February 19.

Photo 7 Young activist is speaking o

Young activist is sharing his idea of working as a member of CPDVs.

Photo 8 CPDVs writing important moments o

Women activists taking notes of good ideas suggested during the roundtable discussions.Photo 9 Head of Jety Oguz AA supports the CPDVs

Head of Jety-Oguz Aiyl Okmotu Mr. Seidakmatov sharing his thoughts on how jointly to combat and prevent domestic violence in the communities.