On March 14-15, 2019, the Public Union “Abiyir El” together with its partner Public Union “Rural Life” held a seminar “Building the work of Committees for the Prevention of Domestic Violence (CPDVs)” for the new members of the five CPDVs of Zhety-Oguz district and four CPDVs of Oktyabrsky and Teploklyuchensky local self-government bodies in Ak-Suu district. Overall, 52 people took part in two seminars, where they learned about building the work of CPDVs, about activities, formation, principles and functions of the CPDVs. The participants developed the annual action plans aimed to prevent family violence in the target communities.
The USAID Collaborative Governance Program supports the implementation of the Law of the Kyrgyz Republic “On Safeguarding and Protection against Domestic Violence” as a part of the project “Promoting Local Committees for Safeguarding and Protection from Domestic Violence” aimed to develop CPDVs in nine local communities of Issyk-Kul oblast. CPDVs is a mechanism for coordination in the area of safeguarding and protection against domestic violence at the local level.
Photo 1 Seminar March 14 15 Karakol

New members of CPDVs working in a group to present their community priorities and a work plan.

Photo 2 Working in a Group March 14 15

Participants working on a calendar of events and activities to include into the work plan.

Photo 3 Rural Life sharing her view re CPDVs priorities in communities

A member of the Public Union “Rural Life” shares her experience of working with CPDVs to reduce and prevent domestic violence in communities.

Photo 4 Group Work presentation

Participants present their work plans elaborated in a group effort.

 Photo 5 Presenting the results of group work

The presenter’s work plan includes a list of issues, activities/events to address those issues, dates and responsible people.

Photo 6 CPDVs learning new mechanisms

Participants listen attentively and make notes to use them while working in their communities.