The community members join into initiative groups to address their community issues and needs. Participatory approach of initiative groups is an important conception that helps to involve community members in decision making process and helps to develop a sense of ownership. CGP started a pilot program supporting strategic and creative advocacy initiatives of community initiative groups (CIG) in response to important economic and social issues. CIGs’ initiatives include efforts to raise community awareness on the needs and rights of its members, especially of the needs of vulnerable groups; build the capacity of community members seeking opportunities to improve social and economic conditions, and build cooperation with stakeholders. The CGP works with six identified pilot initiative groups located in Isfana city of Batken Oblast and Kochkor district of Naryn Oblast to strengthen their capacity and provide training and consultative support. To improve communication between CIG members WhatsApp group chats were created for all pilot CIGs. Currently, CIG members and CGP staff use mentioned chat to share information, documents and consult on CIGs’ prepared official letters to local authorities. 
In March, the CGP conducted a workshop on organizational development and two-day “Community Level Advocacy” workshops for 55 CIG members in Kochkor and Isfana cities. As a result, CIGs developed their individual advocacy plans. The CGP provides consultations and guidance to support CIGs in implementation of their advocacy plans.
Working in a group advocacy training

On February 21, 2019, CIG members in Kochkor working on identification of community needs in Kochkor village, Naryn oblast.

Nice photo 12 March Isfana

CIG members identified the community needs in Isfana of Batken Oblast during the advocacy workshop on March 1, 2019.

nice men and women in a group work Kochkor 16 03 2019

CIG members working in a group during the workshop on advocacy in Kochkor village of Naryn Oblast on March 16, 2019.

Women Group work in Korchkor 16 03 2019

CIG members working in a group to identify the community needs and set priorities for their work plans.

CGP COP attends advocacy training in Isfana 12 03 2019

On March 12, 2019, CGP Chief of Party Ruslan Moldokasymov attended a workshop on advocacy in Isfana city, Batken Oblast to meet with members of CIGs and tell about USAID CGP.

CGP COP meeting with CIG in Kochkor

CGP Chief of Party Ruslan Moldokasymov opened the meeting of CIGs in Isfana and highlighted the importance of the work they are doing to improve community life.