Bishkek – On April 17, 2019, government officials participated in the training on using the online monitoring module on the website to report on the implementation of their open government obligations. The participants learned how to fill in the module with their agency’s plans for implementation of the National Action Plan on Building Open Government (NAP), fill in the costs of implementation of activities, and upload the reporting files. The module will allow the public to track and monitor the progress of implementation of the government commitments under the NAP. 
The Secretariat of the National Open Government Forum also plans to hold round tables in Bishkek and Osh for civil society and media representatives to involve them in the process of monitoring and evaluating the implementation of the NAP.
The Public Association Alliance for the Civil Initiatives Promotion” developed the online monitoring module with the support of the USAID Collaborative Governance Program (CGP); the training was organized with the support of the CGP and the OSCE.
Photo 1 to choose listen with attention 17 04 2019 IMG 9005

Representatives of 14 state bodies, including the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic, the Ministries of Justice, Education and Science, the Supreme Court, the Chamber of Accounts, the State Registration Service, the National Statistical Committee, the Central Election Committee, the State Committee of Information Technologies, the Center on Electronic Health under the Ministry of Health, the State Property Management Fund, and the State Committee on Industry, Energy and Natural Resources Use took part in the training in order to work transparently and inform the public about the NAP implementation. 

Photo 2 Ruslan Moldokasymov CGP COP opening remarks IMG 8975

Director of the USAID Collaborative Governance Program Ruslan Moldokasymov made opening remarks to tell the participants of the training about the assistance of the USAID CGP to effective cooperation of civil society with government bodies based on examples of cooperation with the Ministries of Justice and Labor and Social Development of the Kyrgyz Republic.

Photo 3 OGP workshop on ME 17 04 2019 IMG 9010

Head of the Secretariat of the National Forum of the Open Government Mr. Rysaliev spoke briefly about strategic documents: the National Development Strategy of the Kyrgyz Republic for 2018–2040, the Development Program of the Kyrgyz Republic for the period 2018–2022 “Unity, trust, and creation,” and also presented the Digital Transformation Concept “Digital Kyrgyzstan” - 2019-2023.

Photo 4 introducing workshop on ME OGP participants 17 04 2019 IMG 8956

The workshop participants presented themselves and their organization in order to obtain skills in the new module and keep in touch with each other.

Photo 5 state bodies reps at training IMG 9022

Participants listen with interest to the presentation of Mr. Rysaliev, Head of the Secretariat of the National Open Government Forum.

Photo 6 Smiling participants speech Head of National Forum OGP Achyk Okmot Secretariat Rysaliev I 17 04 2019 IMG 9035

During the training, it is necessary to have moments of relaxation to make a joke and laugh, so that not to lose the attention of the participants.

Photo 7 OGP workshop participants 17 04 2019 IMG 9040

Overall, 28 representatives from 14 state institutions took an active part in the training on the first module “Monitoring and Evaluation of the National Action Plan.”