On April 23, 2019, members of Tailan Nur CIG in Isfana held their first meeting with representatives of local authorities and state bodies to discuss important community issues. During the meeting, the CIG members raised two initiatives related to road safety and transparent land allocation. The Isfana Mayor’s Office invited to the meeting the head of the Mayor Office, the head of the local transport department, a senior specialist of the local land allocation department and members of the local council. Regarding the land allocation, CIG was requested to provide information about all people waiting in the queue for the land allocation and agreed to check the database of the Mayor’s Office and then find out the reasons why some people are waiting longer than others for the decision. Although the CIG exists for over 10 years, it was the first meeting with the local authorities to address community issues.

Photo 1 CIG members address issues

Leader of the CIG Tailan Nur Gulsunai Abdumomunova (standing last to the right) raising the important community issue with land allocation and road safety in Tailan village.

Photo 2 Meeting Mayor Office

Head of Transport Department of Isfana City Administration Ustajan Navruzov (second from left) informs the participants about planned activities and budget allocation for improving road security in the Tailan village.