From June through December 2019, members of Committees for Prevention of Domestic Violence will conduct awareness raising events aimed at preventing domestic violence in Jeti Oguz and Ak Suu districts. The events will include TV programs, debates among secondary school students, workshops for young families, essay contests among students, forum theaters engaging local community members, legal consultations, and other events. 
The Committees for Prevention of Domestic Violence were established to combat domestic violence at the local level. They help to improve cooperation between members of the Committees, including representatives of state district administrations, local units of the Ministry of Labor and Social Development, educational and health institutions, and law enforcement bodies. The Committees also include civil society members such as courts of the elderly, women’s councils, and other active residents. Local authorities represented by the heads of ayil okmotu and members of local councils play a key role in establishing such committees and approving their membership and plans. 
Since January 2019, Public Unions Abiyir El and Selskaya Zhizn have been working closely with five Committees in Jeti Oguz district (Jeti Oguz, Chyrak, Jele Dobo, Kochkor, and Kabak) and four Committees in Ak Suu district (Teploklyuchenka, Maman, Jolgolot, and Otuz Uul). The Committees were established as part of the project “Promoting Local Committees for Safeguarding and Protection from Domestic Violence,” implemented with the support of the USAID Collaborative Governance Program. 
The Collaborative Governance Program promotes effective collaboration between civil society and the state bodies of the Kyrgyz Republic. The Program is funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and is implemented by the East-West Management Institute (EWMI).
Abiyir El booklet with USAID and EWMI logo