The Tailan Community Initiative Group (CIG) has finalized a survey on the residents’ land needs. One hundred sixteen households participated in the survey. The survey showed that 84% of the surveyed households consist of more than two families (five households consist of more than four families). 
On May 22, the Tailan CIG presented the survey results to Mr. Zafarjon Kunduzov, the First Vice-Mayor of Isfana and the Head of the Land Allocation Commission. The CIG provided the Vice-Mayor with a list of households, in which more than three families live and are more in need because of poverty and/or disability.  Mr. Kunduzov emphasized the importance of the information prepared by the CIG. As a result of the meeting, the CIG members together with the land specialist of the Mayor’s Office conducted the verification of the vulnerable families in need of land. Based on the results of the verification, the CIG members wrote an official letter to the vice mayor with the request to include 16 families in urgent need of land in the Mayor’s Office list for further land allocation. In addition, in coordination with the Mayor’s Office, on May 28, a meeting was held of representatives of the mayor's office with residents of the Tailan village to explain the rules of land allocation. 
The CIGs are gradually learning how to assert their rights effectively. The Tailan CIG Leader Gulsunay Abdumomunova said: “It was easy to talk to officials and discuss the issues based on the survey results and referring to the relevant laws. We were happy that they listened to our requests and positively reacted to them. Practical workshops helped to strengthen our messages and feel confident.”

Photo 1 land reallocation

CIG leader Gulsunay Abdumomunova presents the survey results.

Photo 2 Meeting Mayor Office

The CIG discusses the results of the survey conducted in their community.

Photo 3 Isfana city municipal property specialist Kanybek Batyrov with Land Allocation specialist Jailoobek Jakshylykov refirifying the list

Isfana city municipal property specialist Kanybek Batyrov together with Land Allocation Commission member Jailoobek Jakshylykov verifying the list of people in need of land in Tailan.

Photo 4 CGP CIG Program Officer and CIG leader Gulsunai Abdumomunova

CGP Community Initiative Groups Program Officer Elmira Zholdosheva (first from left) and the CIG leader Gulsunay Abdumomunova working with the Mayor’s Office to verify the list of community residents in need of land.