As of May 2019, it is possible for the public to monitor online the implementation progress of state bodies’ Open Government (Achyk Okmot) commitments. Follow the link to see the detailed action plans for each commitment, implementation timelines, activity costs, and progress reports. Monitoring by the public will contribute to the full and timely implementation of the commitments and, in the long term, make the Kyrgyz government more transparent, accountable, and responsive to its citizens’ expectations.

In November 2017, Kyrgyzstan became the 75th member state of the Open Government Partnership (OGP), which is aimed at implementing the member governments’ commitments to ensure transparency, citizen empowerment, anticorruption, and the use of new technologies to improve public administration. As part of the adopted Action Plan, Kyrgyzstan undertook 18 commitments, including improvement of citizens’ access to information, promotion of budget transparency, and involvement of civil society in anticorruption, audit activities and decision-making processes.

The Public Union “Alliance for Civil Initiative Promotion” developed the online monitoring module with the support of the USAID Collaborative Governance Program. The USAID Collaborative Governance Program, implemented by the East-West Management Institute (EWMI), works to foster effective cooperation between civil society and government of the Kyrgyz Republic.