On August 1, 2019, the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic adopted a Decree to implement the 2017 Law on Safeguarding and Protecting from Domestic Violence. The adopted legal acts will help the government to tackle domestic violence more effectively by introducing a procedure for interaction between government bodies in cases of domestic violence. This mechanism assumes that a family that finds itself in a situation of domestic violence will be provided with comprehensive support through joint actions of state bodies. Each entity is required to record and transmit information to each other about cases of domestic violence in order to jointly assist the victim. For those who have committed domestic violence, a standard correctional program has been approved.
The Association of Crisis Centers, the Gender Department of the Ministry of Labor and Social Development, and the Interagency Working Group, with support from the USAID Collaborative Governance Program, developed the secondary legal acts and organized broad public discussions in all regions of the country with over 500 representatives of civil society organizations and state bodies.
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Participants at a workshop reviewing the draft legal secondary acts on implementation of the Law “On Safeguarding and Protection against Domestic Violence” to provide their comments and suggestions.