On November 21-22, thirty four professors and faculty members, representing 11 Kyrgyzstani Consortium Universities, participated in the 4th Professional Development Workshop (PDW) to finalize the development of the 2nd course syllabus on "Nonprofit Organizations in the Modern World".


IMG 6272

Team photo of the participants at the 4th PDW with Mark Grubb, COP, CGP/EWMI after the award ceremony

To support local capacity and sustainability of the Consortium of Universities working on NPM courses, the 4th PDW was facilitated by Myrza Karimov, local consultant for Central Asia from the Synergos Institute. The workshop was very productive with active participation of all attendees working in pairs and in groups to present new methods of teaching, non-lecture approaches, focusing attention on CSO legislation on social procurement, peer consultation and learning two-three ideas or takeaways/lessons for teaching the course; a classroom exercise on CSO collaboration with the government and business sector. Creative spirit and deep understanding of the objectives helped the participants to successfully finalize the 2nd course syllabus on "Nonprofit Organizations in the Modern World" and start preparations for the 3rd course "Financial Management in Nonprofits." The participants are working in 9 groups and received topics for the third course syllabus based on the experience of Osh State University. Six professors from three Tajik universities and one CSO representative from Tajikistan attended the PDW to learn new experience on developing NPM courses in Kyrgyzstani Universities. At the closing ceremony, Chief of Party of the USAID Collaborative Governance Program, Mark Grubb, made opening remarks to open an Award Ceremony and presented Certificates of Appreciation to professors "...for their dedication and commitment to establishing Non-Profit Management educational opportunities in the Kyrgyz Republic's university system, and in recognition of their contributions to the "next generation" of civil society professionals throughout the Kyrgyz Republic."


IMG 6190

CGP COP Mark Grubb making opening remarks to award Certificates of Appreciation to pioneers who are working to introduce the NPM courses in Kyrgyzstani universities

IMG 6208

CGP COP Mark Grubb (to the right) and Coordinator of the Consortium of Universities on NPM Yrys Beybutova at the award ceremony

IMG 6222

CGP COP Mark Grubb (to the right) and Naryn State University faculty Esenbai Sargashkaev at the award ceremony

IMG 6234

CGP COP Mark Grubb (to the right) and KNU faculty Nurjamal Uzakbaeva at the award ceremony

IMG 6201

NPM Resource Center Assistant Aizada Sazaeva (to the left) and Consultant from Synergos Institute Myrza Karimov working together on establishing a network with all participants

IMG 6050

CGP Higher Education Officer Gulshat Maatkerimova comes up with a proposal to open Gmail accounts for each professor to use Google tools to share comments/reviews of the proposed 2nd course syllabus and other NPM course materials

IMG 5986

KNU professor Nurjamal Uzakbaeva, Aijan Abdesova, and Makkam Abdulkayrov are getting prepared for their presentation to the team

IMG 5938

Team photo at work