A resolution was adopted after studying the report on monitoring the police reform (click here for report доклада по мониторингу реформы ) prepared by Civic Union "For Reforms and Result" available at http://www.reforma.kg/ and official information on implementation of "Measures on Police Reform" presented by the Government's Office and the Ministry of Internal Affairs, as well as different opinions and comments suggested by civil society and international organizations at the forum. You are invited to see the consolidated position on Police Reform of the National Forum, which was held in Bishkek on October 30, 2014. Please share your opinion and comments at:
https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1OK1b37YiCSQFI7NjtVPzf9g6SaZ9B159Eff-2Q-6BDc/viewform and use the opportunity to rate each item (1 to 5) depending on your view.
Civic Union "For Reforms and Result," with support from USAID-funded Collaborative Governance Program, conducted monitoring of the police reform during the year and hosted a National Forum on the Results of Monitoring the Police Reform.