On November 28, 2014, over 30 stakeholders, including Vice Prime Minister Elvira Sarieva, Minister of Social Development Kudaibergen Bazarbaev, Vice Mayor of Bishkek Aigul Ryskulova, representatives of other ministries, local self-governments, civil society organizations, and experts participated in the roundtable, hosted by the Ministry of Social Development and supported by the USAID Collaborative Governance Program though its partner ICNL.

Aigul Ryskulova-VMP-Elvira Sarieva-MOSD-Kudaibergen Bazarbaev-IMG 6323

Vice Prime Minister Elvira Sarieva (in the middle) making her opening speech at the roundtable, Minister of Social Development Kudaibergen Bazarbaev (to the right) and Vice Mayor of Bishkek Aigul Ryskulova (to the left)



The participants got together to hear the latest updates on the draft Law on State Procurement of Social Services (draft Law on SP), provide their feedback/comments and raise public awareness on the draft Law on SP.
VPM Elvira Sarieva in her opening remarks highly appreciated the new draft Law on SP developed by the Working Group established by the Ministry of Social Development of the KR and highlighted the achievements of the Kyrgyz Government in implementing a new mechanism on state procurement of social services. She also noted: "The experience on introducing social procurement mechanism urged the necessity to improve this mechanism. New changes in the draft Law on SP will eliminate deficiencies of the current Law on SP and will introduce new forms of realization: state procurement of social services, state funding of public benefit projects and providing social services to people in need via vouchers."
The Vice Mayor of Bishkek, Aigul Ryskulova, noted that providing social services through vouchers is an innovative approach alongside with other implementation tools introduced in the draft Law on SP that will provide flexibility, competition and transparency in providing social services. Bishkek Mayor's Office is planning to increase funding for Municipal Procurement of Social Services in 2015 and is planning to provide trainings on Municipal Procurement of Social Services.
According to Minister of Social Development Kudaibergen Bazarbaev, the draft Law on Social Procurement went through public hearings in all regions of the country and was placed on the Government's website for public discussions and at the end of December, the draft Law will be submitted to the Government for discussions and then submitted to the Parliament for consideration.

Bekbolot Bekiev-Nookat Idrisov-Irina Lukashenko-Azamat Nusupbekov-Mirlan Medetov-Aida Rustemova-IMG 6428

(from left to right) members of the Working Group including Bolot Bekiev from DPI, Nookat Idrisov from ICNL, Irina Lukashova from Case-Kyrgyzstan (making presentation on the draft Law on SP), Azamat Nusupbekov from MOSD, Mirlan Medetov from MOSD, and Aida Rustemova from ICNL are at the roundtable

Aida Rustemova-Mirlan Medetov-IMG 6444

Aida Rustemova from ICNL (to the left) giving her presentation on the draft Law on SP and Mirlan Medetov to the left

Asipa Musaeva-Chair of Republican Independent Association of Women Invalids-to the right-comments-IMG 6474

Asipa Musaeva, Chair of Republican Pubic Association of Women Invalids (to the right) providing her comments on the draft Law on SP

Marina Djaparkulova-MOSD-provides her comments on draft Law-IMG 6461

Marina Djaparkulova from Ministry of Social Development provides her comments on the draft Law on SP

Participants of the roundtable-IMG 6374

Participants of the roundtable including government officials, experts, CSO and local government representatives and Working Group members