On November 12, Collaborative Governance Program organized a guest lecture on the topic "Public Councils: Perspectives for Youth" for approximately 60 participants including students and CSO representatives in the Nonprofit Management Resource Center at the Kyrgyz National University.

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Azamat Akileev, Chair of the Public Advisory Council, Ministry of Finance, sharing his experience as Public Council member (to the left) and Yrys Beibutova, Coordinator of the NPM Resource Center and Consortium of Universities, Dean of School of Internatinal Relations, KNU



The three guest lecturers were Azamat Akeleev, Galina Davletbaeva and Zarina Maken who shared their experience as Public Council's members, explained the role of the Public Councils in improving decision making in Ministries and other state agencies to represent the interests of Kyrgyzstani citizens. The speakers encouraged youth and CSO members to apply for the announced open competition to the Public Councils. The participants were active during Question and Answer Session to learn more about Public Councils.

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Approximately 60 students and CSO representatives attended the guest lecture "Public Councils: Perspectives for Youth"

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Students and CSO members learned about the role of Public Councils in improving public services and practical experience working for Public Councils

Students were active-Public Councils -Guest Lecture-November 12-2014 o

Students asked many questions during the guest lecture