On December 13, 2014, over 20 high school and university students, CSO representatives, and faculty members took active part in Chinara Ashimova's Master Class titled "Three Hours of Design."

Team work-P1016102

Over 20 students, parents, and CSO representatives got together to learn secrets of designing roses, postcards, and other decorations 


The attendees enjoyed three hours of designing postcards, learning secrets and obtaining skills on making different decorations with paper, glue, threads and needles, and ribbon. International Fund of Roza Otunbaeva's Initiative organized attendance of 12 high school students so that they obtain designing skills to decorate public events at school and other places and send handmade postcards with New Year and other greetings. The participants were excited to make postcards, roses and other decorations and requested to provide several workshops in addition to learn more secrets of designing decorations. In addition, the NPM Resource Center together with School of International Relations at KNU have announced a charitable action – collecting toys, school supplies, some funds to buy sweets and candies, sport appliances and deliver together with handmade postcards and other decorations to children living at Belovodskoe orphanage on Thursday, December 25, 2014.

Students-learning with interest-P1016072

Students are learning with interest how to design postcards — at Ресурный центр УНКО, КНУ - NPM Resource Center, KNU

chynar teaching-students-P1016213

Chinara Ashimova is a wonderful coach – participants are learning to make roses together with the coach

Gulshat and Yrys-roses-P1016058

Gulshat Maatkerimova, CGP Higher Education Officer (to the left) and Yrys Beybutova, Coordinator of NPM Resource Center and dean of the School of International Relations, KNU, learning with interest the secrets of making roses

Trying hard-P1016125

A student is so involved to create the first postcard

team and postcards for kids in orphageP1016238

The participants became a friendly team by the end of the Master Class – photo together with postcards created

Post Card created-P1016170

The first post card for New Year greetings and congrats is ready

roses-post cardP1016169

You see one of the results of the master class on design

Hand made roses-P1016110

Roses made with your own hands are wonderful!