On December 15, 2014, over 50 participants representing students of art schools and universities, faculty members, painters and media attended the opening of the Exhibition of Young Artists initiated by Public Association of Women Artists and Art Critics supported by the USAID-funded Collaborative Governance Program through its grants program.




Best art works including paintings of national pattern, landscape, still life, portraits, artfully made drawings on clay dishes and on a canvas. Impressive pieces of art demonstrate creativity and talent of young artists of the Kyrgyz Republic. The best art works of young artists will be published in a brochure-catalogue for public use. The exhibit will be open for public until December 31 in the Gallery of the Union of Artists of the Kyrgyz Republic at 78 Pushkina Str., Oak Park, Bishkek.

Opening remarks-IMG 6622

(from left to right) Meergul Sulaimanova, Grant Administration Specialist, CGP/EWMI; Orozgan Asanalieva, Chair of the PU "Association of Young Women Artists of Kyrgyzstan"; Taalai Usubaeliev, Chair of the Union of Artists of the KR; Talant Kurbanov, Board member of the Union of Artists of the KR; and Jyrgal Maturaimov, Director of the Kyrgyz State Art School named after  A.S. Chuikov 

Woman Artist-making opening remarks-IMG 6635

Anara Isakova, teacher and activist of the Kyrgyz State Art School named after Chuikov (in the center) making opening remarks

Paintings of Young Artists-IMG 6631

Lovely handmade pieces of art displayed at the exhibit

Nature-IMG 6656

Landscapes and nature of Kyrgyzstan are well reflected in the displayed paintings

Art-works displayed-IMG 6630

Felt and cotton made arts reflect the Kyrgyz national design

Painting on a clay-dishes-IMG 6664

Paintings on clay dishes reflect Kyrgyz culture and design

Awarding Certification of Appreciation-to best young painters-IMG 6646

Ten young artists representing the Kyrgyz State Academy of Arts named after Turgunbay Sadykov, Kyrgyz State Art School named after Chuikov were awarded with Certificates of Appreciation for the best art works

Awards-to Best Young Artists-IMG 6644

Award ceremony made all participants feel happy and proud that there are so many talented and creative young artists in Kyrgyzstan