We are pleased to invite you all to the Guest Lecture "Issues of Government, Civil Society, and Business Interaction in Kyrgyzstan" of Zainidin Kurmanov, PhD in History, Professor of Kyrgyz-Slavic University, Former Parliament member, Ex Speaker of the Kyrgyz Parliament. The Guest Lecture will be organized on February 18, 2015, from 14:00-16:00. Address: 547 str. Frunze, 720033 Bishkek, Nonprofit Management Resource Center, 3rd floor, room 310. KNU named after J. Balasagyn.
RSVP by calling at: 0550 000 344 or by e-mail: hubknu@gmail.com





Thank you.

USAID Collaborative Governance Program
East-West Management Institute – Kyrgyz Republic