On February 5-6, 2015, USAID Collaborative Governance Program (CGP), through its partner Civic Participation Fund (CPF), organized a workshop on Successful Grant Proposal Writing for 18 representatives of civil society organizations (CSOs) in Bishkek.

Aida-presenting-training-IMG 7430

Aida Kurbanova, Program Manager and Trainer from Civic Participation Fund making an introduction to the workshop on Successful Grant Proposal Writing

The participants of the workshop improved their capacity in drafting grant proposals and learned important and integral components of this process including: needs assessment, defining priorities in problem-solutions, setting up goals and objectives, learning to use log frames, budget planning, financial management and planning monitoring and evaluation tools to design a successful project. Experienced workshop trainers from the Civic Participation Fund, Aida Kurbanova and Cholpon Akmatova shared a set of training materials and visual aids, including agenda, copies of presentations, handout materials, and participant workbooks, which might be very helpful further while designing a project and drafting a grant proposal. The trainees were very active during the workshop, especially during interactive group work and were excited to obtain and share new knowledge and skills. CGP is planning to provide 3 more scheduled workshops on Successful Grant Proposals Writing in February and March:
• 17-18 February in Osh, Osh State University, #87 A Masalieva Str.
• 12-13 March in Bishkek, Nonprofit Management Resource Center, KNU, 547 Frunze Str., room 310.
• 7-18 March in Karakol, American Corner at Issyk-Kul State Library, #35 Koenkozova Str.
It's important to note, that CGP provided this Workshop on Successful Grant Proposal Writing and intends in the future to provide several more workshops, seminars, and trainings on advocacy, financial management and the legal regulatory environment for CSO activities. It is important to note there that these opportunities are only offered to those CSOs who have been profiled by the CGP and undergone a voluntary assessment/diagnostics to assess their organizational and human capacity's strengthens and weaknesses as a precondition for being invited to attend CGP's sponsored workshops, seminars, and trainings and to submit concept papers as an initial step in applying to the CGPs grants program. For more information on how CSO's can participate in these CGP activities, please go to: http://cso-kg.org/ . CGP is committed to working with CSOs that demonstrate their commitment to investing in their own organization's future development.

There is much hope that future grant proposals, as a result of these workshops, will be considerably more competitive and thus successful regardless of the donor organization with whom they may apply for grant support.

Cholpon-trainer-IMG 7468

Cholpon Akmatova, Training Specialist from Civic Participation Fund encouraging the participants of the workshop on Successful Grant Proposal Writing to share their view and experience on project design

Group Work-IMG 7359

Workshop participants working in a group to present their view and understanding of the project design and components for successful grant proposal writing

IMG 7362

Another group of trainees is also tasked to present their view and findings on main components of the project design

IMG 7388

Working in a group to present their experience and concerns on project design and successful grant proposal writing

CSO trainees-learning new tools-IMG 7446

Workshop participants working independently to write their view on information received

Trainee presenting-IMG 7398

Trainee is presenting her group's findings to the workshop participants