On February 18, 2015, Zainidin Kurmanov, PhD in History, Professor of Kyrgyz-Slavic University, Former Parliament member, Ex Speaker of the Kyrgyz Parliament gave a guest lecture on the theme"Issues of Government, Civil Society, and Business Interaction in Kyrgyzstan" for over 45 University Professors, students, and representatives of USAID Mission in the Kyrgyz Republic, and Collaborative Governance Program. 

Yrys-Zainidin-good-IMG 7741

Coordinator of NPM Resource Center and Dean of International Relations Department at KNU, Yrys Beibutova, welcomed the participants of the guest lecture and gave the floor to Professor Zainidin Kurmanov to start the lecture 

Professor Kurmanov started his lecture with goals and objectives of the lecture, then covered historical and theoretical background of each sector's development, highlighted the role of each sector, influence of interaction between sectors in the conditions of globalization, focused on problems and difficulties of interaction between sectors in the Kyrgyz Republic, and explained the stages of democratization. The participants learned many historical, theoretical, and statistical data of the three sectors' development and interaction between each other. The informative lecture led to questions and answers sessions followed by discussions. Upon the request of the participants, Dr. Kurmanov shared his view and attitude regarding the role of Public Councils established in state agencies and policy changes needed to advance Kyrgyzstan's democratic development to improve people life.

The Guest Lecture was organized as part of CGP support to the Nonprofit Management Resource Center at Kyrgyz National University, which is a hub for the Consortium of Universities in introducing NPM education in Kyrgyzstani Universities.

Goals and objectives-IMG 7664

Topics covered by Professor Kurmanov during his guest lecture

Professor-Kurmanov-in a lectrure-IMG 7712

Professor Kurmanov's lecture engaged every participant as it was so informative and was proposed in a special way with lively examples from the history of different countries as well as experience of well-known politicians including his own experience as Ex Parliament member and Speaker. He demonstrated deep knowledge of historical and theoretical aspects of the topic as well as facts and statistical data of many countries including Greece, Italy, USA, Germany, Kyrgyzstan, and many other countries

all engaged-IMG 7737

Students got interested in the topic and involved during the guest lecture into discussions

Anastasia Siliman-student asking questions-IMG 7781

KNU 4th year student of the International Relations Department, Anastasia Silliman, asking several questions re: U.S. policy and professor's view on it

Students got interested-IMG 7689

The participants listened to the lecturer with attention

Zainidin and participants-MG 7685

Professor Zainidin Kurmanov and guest lecture participants

Mug from NPM RC to Professor-Kurmanov-IMG 7795

Yryz Beibutova presented a mug to Professor Kurmanov as a memory of his first guest lecturer at the NPM Resource Center