On March 12-13, 2015, USAID Collaborative Governance Program (CGP), through its partner Civic Participation Fund (CPF), organized the 3rd Workshop on Successful Grant Proposal Writing for 19 representatives of civil society organizations (CSOs) in Bishkek.

Aida-presenting-USAID expectations-grant applications-IMG 8968

Civic Participation Fund Program Manager and Trainer, Aida Kurbanova, introducing the participants to USAID CGP requirements on grant applications and their expectations

The participants of the workshop, representing CSOs working in diverse areas with different backgrounds and experience, joined the workshop with one objective -to improve their capacity in drafting successful grant proposals, learn USAID CGP, U.S. Embassy Democracy Commission Program, and other donors' requirements for grants application. The workshop was very intensive and dynamic but thanks to professionalism of the trainers from the Civic Participation Fund, Aida Kurbanova and Cholpon Akmatova, the participants were active during the two-day training with wide variety of aspects covered including baseline survey to define the participants' knowledge and experience in this area, project lifecycle with six integral components, project log frame with seven steps vs lifecycle, project identification with needs and risks assessment, defining target groups, stakeholders and beneficiaries, problem formulation and analysis, considering a problem tree with examples from practice, project planning, budget planning, implementation plan, results, impact results, monitoring and evaluation, indicators, and reporting. Friendly working environment created during the workshop helped every participant obtain knowledge and learn secrets of successful grant proposal writing. During the workshop, every participant had a chance to share their findings and experience and ask questions and clarify unclear aspects.
USAID CGP provided the 3rd Workshop on Successful Grant Proposal Writing and intends in the future to provide several more workshops, seminars, and trainings on advocacy, financial management and the legal regulatory environment for those CSOs, which have been profiled by the CGP and completed a voluntary assessment/diagnostics to assess their organizational and human capacity's strengthens and weaknesses as a precondition for applying to the CGPs grants program. For more information on how CSO's can participate in these CGP activities, please go to: http://cso-kg.org/ . CGP is committed to working with CSOs that demonstrate their commitment to investing in their own organization's future development.
USAID CGP hopes that these workshops will considerably improve the quality of CSOs' grant applications and make them competitive while applying for a grant support.

Kubanych-presents his group work-IMG 8965

Kubanych introduces colleagues from his group to the team so that they know each other well

Suin-Sezim Center-Asipa Musaeva-AWomen Invalids-Damira-Sharipbekova-Aida-baseline survey-IMG 9035

Experienced CSO leaders and members, including (from left to right) Suin Kurmanova from Crisis Center "Sezim," Asipa Musaeva and Damira Sharshenova from PU Republican Independent Association of Women Invalids, would like to learn more about USAID CGP and Democracy Commission grant application requirements

Self-Evaluation-IMG 9016

All trainees are busy with the baseline survey – trainers would like to see the participants' knowledge and skills on project design and implementation before the training and after it

Self-evaluation-IMG 9026

Self-evaluation as part of the baseline survey to see the strengths and gaps of the participants

Aida-Target Groups-Stakeholders-Beneficiaries-goals and objectives-IMG 9007

Participants working independently to define target groups, stakeholders, and beneficiaries as well as clearly defining goals and objectives

Cholpon Akmatova-leading-next session-Project Lifecycle-IMG 9051

Civic Participation Fund Program Trainer Cholpon Akmatova conducting a training session on project lifecycle

Projects-Life-Cycle-IMG 9082

Diagram on Project Lifecycle, which clearly highlights 6 important and integral stages to go through

Aida-workbook-USAID-CGP requirements for grant application-IMG 9107

Aida Kurbanova demonstrating a workbook that will help during the workshop and will be used further as manual and resource book where USAID CGP and Democracy Commission requirements for grant application included

Team photos-March 13-2015-res-IMG 9204

Team photo made to highlight the opportunity to learn new secrets on writing successful grant applications and to build a network with CSOs and trainers for exchanging experience and asking for consultations if/when necessary

Gulnura-new learner-her expectations-IMG 8981

According to Gulnura Bazieva from PF Center for Analysis and Research, she would like to learn as much as possible on writing a successful grant application during the two-day workshop

Meerim Kadyrkulova-Crisis Center Sezim-sharing her background-IMG 8991

Meerim Kadyrkulova from Crisis Center "Sezim" has good experience in writing grant applications but would like to learn more about USAID and other donors' requirements and receive indepth knowledge of project design with project lifecycle and project log frame and other secrets which serves as basis for writing a successful grant application