On March 13, 2015, Larisa Ozeryansky, U.S. Peace Corps Health Education Volunteer at the Republican AIDS Center of the Kyrgyz Republic, visited the School of International Relations of KNU to share her experience with CSOs in 17 countries of the world.

Larisa is glad to share her experiences overseas-with CSOs-IMG 9306

Peace Corps Volunteer Larisa Ozeryansky is glad to share her international experience with CSOs 


The presentation was made for the 4th year students enrolled in the 2nd NPM course "Nonprofit Organizations in the Contemporary World." Larisa received her Master's of Public Health degree in Maternal and Child Health through the George Washington University and Emory University and has undergraduate experience studying Biology at Oglethorpe University in Atlanta, Georgia. In her presentation Larisa shared her valuable experience of helping and learning while working in different CSOs in Latin America, including Ecuador (2008), Nicaragua (2009), and Guatemala (2011). She told about her experience of being part of some great education, health and environmental projects to bring positive change in the lives of socially vulnerable communities. It was also interesting for students to learn about Larisa's volunteering experience with the Kyrgyz Republican AIDS Center as well as at other organizations, such as "Mama +" in Osh, Indigo in Bishkek and Reading Club at the Bayalinov Youth Library. The guest lecture ended with Questions and Answer Session, where students asked many questions re: CSOs in other countries, as well as Larisa's experience with CSOs in Kyrgyzstan and her future plans.

Larisa's experience of volunteerism is an excellent example for Kyrgyzstan students to become part of creating a long-lasting change for the better, which will positively impact citizens' lives in Kyrgyzstan.

This guest speaker's lecture is a part of the NPM Education supported by the USAID Collaborative Governance Program through the Consortium of Universities on NPM and NPM Resource Center at KNU.

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All students are in attention to learn about Larisa Ozeryansky's volunteerism overseas and inside the country since 2003 when she was a high school student


nice photo-team-Baktygul-Larisa-all-IMG 9484

Larisa Ozeryansky sharing her international experience as Peace Corps Volunteer with 4th year KNU students

Ecuador-2008-IMG 9340

Guest Speaker Larisa Ozeryansky telling about her experience as volunteer in Ecuador and her work with CSOs there

High School Experience with Habitat for Humanity-US-CSO-IMG 9431

Larisa's experience with Habitat for Humanities as a volunteer being a high school student back in 2003-2007

Interested-surprised-amazed-IMG 9411

Students listen attentively to a guest speaker amazed, surprised and interested

Kyrgyzstans experience-IMG 9394

Guest Speaker Larisa Ozeryansky's experience as PC volunteer in Kyrgyzstan (2013-2015)

Applauding-Larisa-IMG 9437

Students applauding to Larisa for her outstanding work with CSOs overseas


Larisa' story conquered the attention of all students and the professor

Listening and taken away by Larisas life story-IMG 9370

Students were taken away by Larisa' lively story of interesting and hardship moments in her volunteering life

Much interest and respect to Larisa at the end of the guest lecture-IMG 9454

During the guest lecture, students listened to Larisa with much interest, understanding and respect

Students listen with interest to PC Volunteer-IMG 9271

Students look at Larisa impressed by her valuable experience overseas being so young and daring

Qs-As-Session-IMG 9461

Students asked many questions during Questions and Answer session

Q-A-session-IMG 9491

Questions were asked during the presentation as well

Applauding-Larisa-IMG 9437

Students applaud to Larisa after her wonderful presentation – sharing her extended and valuable international experience working with CSOs overseas