USAID CGP intends in the future to provide workshops, seminars, and trainings on advocacy, financial management and the legal regulatory environment but only for those CSOs, which have been profiled by the CGP and completed a voluntary assessment/diagnostics to assess their organizational and human capacity's strengthens and weaknesses as a precondition for applying to the CGPs grants program.  In February – March, 2015, USAID Collaborative Governance Program (CGP) provided three workshops on Successful Grant Proposal Writing for 55 participants representing 29 CSOs in Bishkek, Chui Oblast and Osh Oblast.  USAID CGP will provide 12 more workshops in March-April for CSO members from different regions of the country as scheduled below:




March 26-27

Bishkek + Chui Oblast

March 30 31


March 31-April 1


March 31- April 1

Bishkek + Chui Oblast

April 1-2

Jalal- Abad

April 6-7


April 9-10


April 9-10 

Bishkek + Chui Oblast

April 14-15

Bishkek + Chui Oblast

April 15-16


April 16-17

Bishkek + Chui Oblast

April 23-24

Bishkek + Chui Oblast


For more information on how CSO's can participate in these CGP activities, please go to: . CGP is committed to working with CSOs that demonstrate their commitment to investing in their own organization's future development.

USAID CGP hopes that these workshops will considerably improve the quality of CSOs' grant applications and make them competitive while applying for a grant support.


Note: Be informed, this is a 30-days forecast and in case there are any schedule changes, the CGP website and Facebook page will provide updates on any upcoming trainings.