On May 20, 2015, students, professors, and civil society organization representatives attended the first guest lecture on the theme "The Development of Social Entrepreneurship in the Nonprofit Sector" organized in the Nonprofit Management Resource Center in Osh State University as part of the USAID Collaborative Governance Program.


Participants of the guest lecture listening with interest to Joomart Arynov, private entrepreneur, who shared his experience in the area of social entrepreneurship.


Joomart Arynov, member of Osh Association of Young Entrepreneurs," entrepreneur in trade and services, conducted this first lecture, where he shared his view regarding social entrepreneurship in the nonprofit sector, its development, experience and perspectives of social entrepreneurship development in the Kyrgyz Republic. The participants asked different questions regarding social entrepreneurship and Joomart's personal experience as entrepreneur in trade and services. The participants of the guest lecture expressed their appreciation and asked to organize such kind of lectures in the future. 



Joomart Arynov, member of Osh Association of Young Entrepreneurs," private entrepreneur in trade and services responding to President of Youth Club, Beishen Bolotbekov's question on the role of the government in developing social entrepreneurship.


Participants of the first guest lecture listen attentively about social enterprises and perspectives of its development in the Kyrgyz Republic.


Joomart Arynov telling about "three languages," which are important to know for every entrepreneur to become successful.