In April and May 2014, the Collaborative Governance Program, through its partners the International Center for Not-for-Profit Law (ICNL) and the Association of Civil Society Support Centers, conducted regional public hearings and discussions of the Draft Law on State Procurement of Social Services (Draft Law on SP).


These hearings, in six oblast centers of the Kyrgyz Republic including Issyk-Kul, Naryn, Osh, Jalalabad, Batken, and Talas, were held in addition to the national public hearings held on April 16th. Over 170 participants representing local councils, local governments (Ayil Okmotus), Mayors’ Offices, CSOs, as well as the Ministries of Social Development and Labor, Migration and Youth, and Ombudsmen’s Office actively participated in the discussions and “Question and Answer” sessions on the Draft Law on SP.

The hearings produced over 70 (71 according to the regional reports) suggestions and comments for the Working Group to consider while drafting the new Draft Law on SP before it is adopted by Parliament. The majority of the public hearing participants were representatives of CSOs who see themselves as potential subjects and beneficiaries of the new Law on SP as implementers of the State Social Procurement of Social Services. The most frequently discussed topics were related to grant committee membership, distribution of government funds, and monitoring implementation efficacy. The working group of drafters considered each recommendation and amended the draft law in accordance with all appropriate suggestions. The final version of the draft law has been submitted to the Parliament for consideration.

You can also find some information and photos on regional public discussions of the Draft Law on SP at CGP Facebook page: .