On September 29, 2015, over 50 participants, including students, professors, and CSOs, participated in the guest lecture "Volunteer Development and Community Activism" organized in the Nonprofit Management Resource Center at Osh State University. The lecture was offered by US Peace Corps Volunteers Tom Bussen and Kelly Oberlin. The attendees liked the interactive guest lecture, where they learned about volunteer development in different countries.

Photo3-PCV-Guest Lecture-NPM RC-OshSU-Sept-29-2015

Participants of the Guest Lecture both faculty (professor of the Business Management Department Abdilatip uulu Omur) and students (3rd year student Aizada Murzaeva) actively participated in the discussion of problems with volunteer development in our society


They also had an opportunity to work in groups and present their visions and ideas on volunteer development in Kyrgyzstan, listed reasons why they want to support community needs and become helpful for the society as volunteers. Students also added their contact data so that Tom Bussen can share with CSOs further. As a result of the guest lecture, it became obvious that students need training on how to draft a resume and to write an essay, how to be prepared for the successful interview. Tom and Kelly agreed to conduct such a class for the students of Osh SU. The guest lecture became a bridge between students and CSOs with support of Peace Corps volunteers.



Kelly Oberlin and Tom Bussen are sharing experiences on volunteer development in different countries

Photo 2-Guest Lecture-OshSU-Sept-29-2015

Tom Bussen is telling how a volunteer might use his/her opportunities in the society

Photo 4-PCV-Guest Lecture-OshSU-Sept29-2015

Students working in groups to present their ideas and views re: volunteer development in Kyrgyzstan