During September 2015, USAID CGP began a series of organizational and human capacity strengthening seminars for CGP’s partner-CSOs on the following themes: “Why Do Projects Need PR and Working with Media?,” “Making Your Organization More Competitive through Improved Quality of Your Project Budgets,” and “Essentials of Monitoring and Evaluation System Development in Projects”. These seminars are being offered in all regions of the Kyrgyz Republic.

CGP partner-CSOs are invited to attend these seminars free of charge as these CSOs earned this right through their participation in the CGP-funded organizational and human diagnostic processes that have been made available to Kyrgyz CSOs on a volunteer bases since July of 2014.  The diagnostics process is a management tool for those CSOs that are interested to in strengthening and sustaining their organizations. The content for these seminars are based upon feedback from the CGP partner-CSOs who underwent the diagnostic process as well as those CSOs who attended an earlier series of workshops on “Successful Grant Proposal Writing”.

Recently, CGP received feedback from Indira Omurbekova, Founder of PF “Grow Together,” who attended the seminar on “Why Do Projects Need PR and Working with Media?” organized at the Plaza Hotel on October 6, 2015. Please see Indira’s comments at the following link: www.facebook.com/Общественный-фонд-Вместе-расти-928135047231747

Organizations who wish to learn more about how to schedule a CGP-funded diagnostic and then to receive invitations to future workshops, seminars, and trainings should go to http://cso-kg.org/. The seminars mentioned above will continue through December 2015. CGP is designing more workshops, seminars, and trainings to be offered to its partner-CSOs through June 2017. For more information on upcoming CGP-funded workshops, seminars, and trainings; please see the below.

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