Association of Suppliers (manufacturers and distributors) raised the urgent issue at the round table recently, if it’s possible to have one digital signature for access to electronic databases. The round table was organized as part of the project "Improvement of Access to Electronic Government Services for Small and Medium-size Enterprise and Implementation of Government Social Procurement by Civil Sector Organizations through the Electronic Application Process supported by USAID Collaborative Governance Programs with the purpose to reduce unnecessary costs for multiple EDS requested by different organizations.  EDS is required to identify a person signing an electronic document and a complete replacement of the handwritten signature in cases permitted by theLaw. In Kyrgyzstan, there are about 100 cases when electronic signature can be used. Benefits are generally accepted that EDS is a saving of resources (material, time and nerves) and reducing corruption risks.

Фото 2 Рыскелдиев У.Аб эксперт в области микро и макроэкономики

Mr. Ryskeldiev, Expert on Micro and Macroeconomics stated the importance of resolving efficiently the issue regarding electronic digital signature

After presentation of the research results on the use of electronic signature in the Kyrgyz Republic and discussion, the roundtable participants adopted a resolution with recommendations to the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic to develop and adopt a resolution that would oblige state bodies and private companies, which provide access to electronic databases and services provided in electronic form, use one EDS for all information systems. Please find more information in news publications on the electronic signature at: and , as well as on a Facebook page of the Association of Suppliers (manufacturers and distributors): and CGP Facebook page:

Фото 1Косяков Максим эксперт в области IT технологий

Expert on IT technologies Mr. Kosyakov making his statement regarding EDS 

Фото3 Акылбеков Э. ГП Центр единого окна в сфере внешней торговли

Mr. Akylbekov, representative of the state portal "Center "Single Window" for External Trade" sharing his view re: EDS