On November 10, 2015, during the seminar, 28 participants, representing Osh Oblast CSOs, learned how to develop a branding and communications strategy, a PR plan, draft a key message, a press release with effective headline, a success story, how to plan and conduct a press conference, and how to work with media effectively. This seminar served as a platform for the participants to share their experience, lessons learned and present the results of group work. Trainer/Consultant of PF “Ulybka” Feruza Amadalieva noted: “First of all, we should provide accurate and verified information, speak with journalists in a clear and simple language, avoid jargon, take into account specifics of the target audience. It’s also important to build relations with media and maintain them, create platforms for communications and take into account opportunities, which media can provide to audience (video, audio, and text). Attract media attention to CSOs through different actions.”   

 Group Work 1 IMG 6274

Seminar participants representing different CSOs in Osh worked in groups and were very active and creative to present their draft press releases, headlines, criteria for news value, etc.

According to Director of PF Dia Avazkan Ormonova, “It’s worth developing PR and media plans and sharing with media so that they are informed on upcoming events and activities as well as correctly reflect project objectives and goals by explaining to media journalists the specifics of the subject matters, which media might not be aware of.”

During the seminar, Social Media Trainer/Specialist Sergey Makarov presented new social media tools for the participants and opportunities to share broadly important information and raise public awareness of CSO and its activities. Moderator of PF Kloop Media Anna Kapushenko presented information on the online platform, where the participants learned about such genre as investigative journalism, and how to use the platform "Karek" to fight corruption.

The USAID Collaborative Governance Program has been conducting a series of seminars for CSOs in partnership with Internews Network/EC project and co-funding of the U.S. Embassy on the following themes: “Making Your Organization More Competitive through Improved Quality of Your Project Budgets,” and “Essentials of Monitoring and Evaluation System Development in Projects.” These three seminars are being offered in all regions of the Kyrgyz Republic from September - December 2015.

Group Work IMG 6271

Seminar participants in Osh are working in a team to share their solution for the given task