On November 6, 2015 the Nonprofit Management Resource Center at Kyrgyz National University (KNU) hosted a guest lecture of CSO Expert/Trainer and Media Journalist Elena Voronina on "Myths and Realities of the Modern Fundraising in NGOs." 

The lecture covered such issues as necessity and importance of fundraising for civil society organizations (CSOs) at the present time. The participants also learned about main trends in fundraising and main techniques to find resources for social projects. The lecturer paid particular attention to volunteering and its importance for CSOs, as well as involvement of modern CSOs in solving social problems. Elena Voronina familiarized students and CSO representatives with basic fundraising rules and the most common mistakes in the process of fundraising.

memory photo together with Elena DSCN8620

A memory photo of the journalist/trainer and consultant, Elena Voronina, with students, CSO leaders and faculty after the Guest Lecture at the NPM Resource Center, KNU

During the discussion, the participants raised questions regarding influence of economic situation in the country on fundraising
process, citizens' trust to NGOs, "feedback" of nonprofit organizations in the form of financial reports, etc.

The lecture was well attended by 45 students of the Kyrgyz National University, Kyrgyz Economic University, and Academy of Public Administration under the President of the Kyrgyz Republic, volunteers and members of CSOs including Bishkek Women's Center, Public Charitable Fund "Oasis," Public Union "Elsen," Affiliate Network of the Association of Harm Reduction Programs.

Yris Beybutova makes opening remarks DSCN8545

Coordinator of the Consortium of Universities on NPM Yris Beybutova opening a guest lecture and introducing Elena Voronina, Journalist/Trainer, and Consultant to students, faculty and CSO representatives  

Elena involves students CSOs DSCN8549

Elena Voronina’s guest lecture involved all attendees by its content, emotional story connected with her personal experience and of her colleagues on fundraising, as it’s important to have a sincere desire to help those people, who are in need and be able to work transparently and be always accountable  

SCOs sharing their view and experience on fundraising DSCN8611

CSO leaders are sharing their experience and lessons learned on fundraising and while implementing different projects

Both CSO and students are in attention at the GL of Elena DSCN8597

Both students and CSO leaders are involved into an interesting lecture of Elena Voronina and touched by examples of CSO members’ commitment and readiness to help people in need

Students in attention DSCN8561

Students are listening with interest to Elena Voronina’s guest lecture and her personal experience and expience of other CSO members