Public Union “Youth of Osh” in partnership with the Osh Mayor’s Office shared survey results at November 20th press conference, on the level of satisfaction with the quality of municipal services and urban environment from the citizens’ point of view, their recommendations on improvement of urban environment, and urban community’s capacity to change and environment (social capital). The survey report was presented by Head of the Municipal Economy, Transport and Communication Department of the Osh City Mayor’s Office Urali Romanov and the workgroup of the Public Union “Youth of Osh.”

Youth of Osh Akmaral Satinbaeva Head of Municipal Economy Transport Communication DepartmentUraly Romanov

Executive Director of PU Youth of Osh Akmaral Satinbaeva (to the left) and Head of Municipal Department on Economy, Transport and Communications of the Osh Mayor’s Office Urali Romanov at the press conference 

The survey was conducted in 13 territory councils of Osh, with the sample totaling of 1,300 people at the age of 16. The survey also includes data of focus group discussions with civil society organization (CSO) representatives, city activists, and entrepreneurs, and interviews with experts on urban development.

As Mr. Romanov noted, “It is very important for the Mayor Office to be aware of the city’s mood and citizen’s wishes. A lot of surveys were conducted in Osh but none of such a format. The Mayor Office must know what the city of Osh and its citizens want. Maybe we need more parks or factories? What are priority areas that need to be addressed urgently? This survey report will serve us for a long time yet”.

According to the survey results, the city has significant potential for migration: about a quarter of those interviewed expressed their will to leave Osh. Most of citizens are satisfied with their living in the city to a larger or smaller extent. Urban environment elements believed by citizens as most topical include employment opportunities, quality of roads and pavements, quality and affordability of houses, transport communication with other cities and countries, and conditions for small business. The citizens’ confidence radius is small. This is first of all shown by the level of social confidence, i.e. their confidence in people in general. Only 28% of citizens agree that they can trust most of people.

The willingness to unite for joint efforts allows finding out the probability of citizens’ active engagement in the urban community activities subject to appropriate conditions. The survey findings show that citizens have a very strong capacity for collaborative activities. The vast majority of those interviewed (about 90%) say they are willing to unite in order to achieve common goals if needed. Helping behavior is a usual practice of Osh citizens. Vast majority of them (88%) helped somebody free of charge in the last year.

The survey also studied public opinion regarding performance of public transport and Osh Tazalyk municipal company with the following main conclusions:

Citizens in general have positive opinion regarding performance of Osh Tazalyk municipal company: 3/4 of respondents say the company’s activity results are satisfactory. There is a remarkable correlation between the level of satisfaction with living in the city and performance of Osh Tazalyk, therefore, “scrubbing and scouring” could be a fast and cost-effective solution to reduce citizens’ intentions to migrate.

  • Over 30% of citizens are not satisfied with public transport performance. About 47% of citizens are not satisfied with the level of accessibility of public transport for school students, and 60% for people with disabilities.
  • Most citizens’ complaints are about performance of marshrootkas, the most popular means of transport in the city perceived by citizens as weakly controlled by municipal services. Many respondents recommend replacing marshrootkas with large buses.

The Osh City Mayor’s Office in cooperation with the Public Union Youth of Osh and the Public Foundation Urban Initiatives are collaborating on an innovative project in management of municipal services – Project 8X13 (8 municipal services and 13 territory councils). The project 8x13 is aimed at raising citizens’ confidence in local authorities and strengthening cooperation between them. This collaboration is made possible through the support of the Osh City’s Mayor’s office, the Soros Foundation, and the USAID-funded Collaborative Governance Program.