On November 9, 2015, Nonprofit Management (NPM) Resource Center at Kyrgyz National University organizeda guest lecture of Lubov Shevchenko, Grant Manager of the Soros Foundation Kyrgyzstan on the theme: Grant Applications: Drafting a Project and Donor’s Project Evaluation Criteria», which was well attended by 37 students, 3 professors, 2 activists planning to create CSOs in the nearest future and 16 representatives of CSOs including (Socium, Epicenter, Insan Generation, Umai ene Zharygy, Zamandash, RUP, Boorukerlik, ARDI, ADRA, Partnership Network).

Lubov presentation involved all participants IMG 3

Grant Manager of Soros Foundation – Kyrgyzstan Lubov Shevchenko’s guest lecture (in the center) involved all participants - students, CSO representatives and professors

During the guest lecture, the participants learned about social projects, and were explained how to draft applications for funding to support such kind of initiatives through projects. Lubov Shevchenko also shared some important information on the procedures and criteria used by donors while considering applications for approval. The guest lecture included a practical session, full of interactive activities by suggesting different examples of grant applications, and allowing the participants to evaluate some real grant proposals from the donors’ point of view.

During the session, Lubov Shevchenko proposed the participants to elaborate a grant proposal, following step by step the recommendations she presented to them at the beginning of the lecture. As the result of a fruitful interaction between experienced CSO representatives and students, the participants successfully composed a complete grant application clearly determining problems, goals and methods of implementation, which are applicable to this project. Thanks to the lecturers recommendations, the participants could clearly understand the difference between a project design and a grant application formulation.

Lubov Shevchenko students CSOs in attention IMG 1

Students and CSO leaders writing down some valuable information shared by Lubov Shevchenko, Grant Manager of Soros Foundation – Kyrgyzstan

Lubov and students IMG 20151119 2

Lubov Shevchenko sharing tips on successful grant application

Grant Manager Lubov Shevchenko lecuturing Nov 19 IMG 6

Guest lecture participants learning some valuable information on donor’s requirements and evaluation criteria for a grant award