On November 30, 2015, events will take place in Osh to support the 16 Days Campaign of Activism against Gender-Based Violence. As a part of the campaign, the Public Foundation DIA (Demilgeluu Ishker Ayaldar) will conduct conferences, discussions, sport competitions, press café, and other activities in the Osh Oblast. Events will be supported by the USAID Collaborative Governance Program.

The main objective of these activities - organize a platform in the Osh Oblast to discuss and develop recommendations for strengthening the work of local authorities responsible for the prevention of domestic violence against women and girls.

As the public foundation leader Avazkhan Ormonova says, “one of causes of gender inequality is the community members’ poor awareness of gender violence as a human rights issue, weak efforts made in local communities to address the issues of violence against women and girls at the local level.”

“One of the tools available in fighting violence against women is the annual campaign titled “16 Days against Gender Violence”, which is a global action aimed at preventing gender based violence,” noted Avazkhan Ormonova.

All activities will be accompanied by public outreach materials for the media and social networks on the situation related to gender-based violence in Kyrgyzstan.

On November 25th, the 16 days campaign against gender violence marked the International Day for Elimination of Gender Violence that will continue through December 10 – Human Rights Day. Combining these two dates will sensitize the public of gender-based violence as a violation of human rights.

The mission of the Public Fund "DIA" is to protect the women’s rights and promote their interests. The Public Fund implements a number of projects aimed at achieving gender equality in southern Kyrgyzstan.