On November 30, 2015, the Public Foundation DIA launched a project “Osh Oblast’s Support for the 16 Days Campaign of Activism against Gender-Based Violence” supported by USAID Collaborative Governance Program. A roundtable discussion was conducted with over 40 participants including representatives of the local keneshes of Alai, Kara-Suiskey, Kara-Kuldjinskey, and Nookatskey rayons, women’s NGOs, 12 women movement activists, local law enforcement, courts of elderly “sud aksakalov”, local government structures, and 7 media journalists.

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Joint photo of all the participants of the roundtable discussionsorganized by the Public Foundation DIA as part of the project “Osh Oblast’sSupport for the 16 Days Campaign of Activism against Gender-Based Violence”supported by the USAID Collaborative Governance Program

The participants discussed issues of violence against women and girls, suggested roles to be played by Members of Parliament and responsible government structures in addressing issues of violence, and how to usedocuments such as CEDAW and MDG in activities of parliament, women’s NGOs, and women movement activists. To raise public awareness of gender violence as a human rights issue, a detailed campaign schedule was developed as well as plans for activities for use in pilot villages of Osh oblast and Osh city territory councils. For more information please visit:https://www.facebook.com/UNiTEKG/

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During the roundtable, the participants selected the activemembers of the gender violence victims referral network for participation inthe press café and an Yntymak radio program

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Participants of the press café organized by the PublicFoundation DIA to highlight the importance of raising public awareness ofgender violence as a human rights issue via their media publications, radioand TV interviews, and other public events and activities

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Six journalists and 12 women activists participated in a presscafé organized by the Public Foundation DIA on November 30