Bishkek, December 8, 2015 - In order to introduce mechanisms for civil oversight of law enforcement bodies, activists intend to assist in implementation of external evaluation of police performance. Introduction of the external evaluation will bring the police closer to local communities and strengthen relations between the law enforcement structures, local government and the public.


Thus, at the initiative of the Civil Union “For Reforms and Result”, local governments of Uzgen and Talas formed initiative groups, and the Bishkek City Kenesh (council) formed a Working Committee for external evaluation of law enforcement performance, headed by Kubanychbek Kongantiev, deputy of the Bishkek City Kenesh.

Local initiative groups are responsible for introducing all stages of the external evaluation, focusing on the following issues:

-       Police capability in addressing security, law and order problems that concern population 

-       Police openness to the public 

-       Human rights and laws observance in the conduct of law enforcement officers 


Specific questions and tools were developed to assess the actual situation. Based on local survey findings, relevant recommendations will be submitted to senior officials of the Ministry of Interior and the Ministry’s Public Council.


According to the representative of “For Reforms and Result” Timur  Shaihutdinov, current system of evaluation based on the percentage of resolved cases triggered-off the use of tortures and other violations of law and human rights by individual law enforcement officers.

"This year, the government agreed with the proposals of civil society and the Ministry of Internal Affairs and approved a groundbreaking system of internal and external evaluation of the police. The assistance of activists and local governments may facilitate implementation and realization of the new system, otherwise the progressive ideas will only remain on paper" says Timur Shayhutdinov.


The project “External Assessment of Police Performance: Piloting New Approaches” is implemented by the Civil Union “For Reforms and Result” and Liberal Youth Alliance with support of the Collaborative Governance Program, funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). The Public Council of the Ministry of Interior provides support in development and testing of the external evaluation methodology of the law enforcement bodies.