On January 11, 2016 the Bishkek City Council held the first meeting of the working committee to assist in the development and implementation of the methodology for the external evaluation of the police in the Kyrgyz Republic (based on the Sverdlovsk District Department of Internal Affairs of Bishkek as a pilot site).

Timur Shaikhutdinov and Gulnura Mamyrova , representatives of the Civil Union "For Reforms and Result" made a presentation on the project "External Evaluation of the Law Enforcement Bodies: New Approaches" to the members of the committee.

Composition of the working committee; including the deputies of the Bishkek City Council, Mr. Kongantiev, Ms. Akmatova, Ms. Dzhumakeeva, Mr. Sariev, as well as representatives of the civil society Ms. Abdirasulova, Ms. Abdukarimova, and Ms. Mamyrova was approved by the Order of Mr. Kenenbaev, Chairman of the Bishkek City Council.