On February 24, 2016, over 30 participants, including 17 students, 9 professors and 8 representatives of CSOs attended the guest lecture of Tugolbai Abdumalikov, Chair of the Youth Committee, Osh Mayor’s Office on «Interaction of the Youth Committee of the Osh Mayor’s Office with NGOs: Experience and Practice» hosted at NPM Resource Center of Osh State University. The lecturer covered two major issues: forms and results of interactive performance of the Youth Committee under the Osh Mayor’s Office; and development strategy of the Youth Committee under the Osh Mayor’s Office. Tugolbai Abdumalikov and his colleague Islam Akhmedov shared their experience on the joint work they conducted with such nonprofit organizations (NPOs) as “Iret” and “Youth of Osh”. They also provided an overview of the Youth Committee’s Strategic Development Plan until 2028, and shared the existing concrete steps in implementation of institutional reforms of the committee. Tugolbai Abdumalikov highlighted the importance of cooperation with civil society and the new forms of interaction between all sectors to ensure development of social welfare in the country. During the guest lecture, the participants also discussed such issues as volunteerism and youth employment.

Students listen with interest to Tugolbai Abdumalikov guest lecture

Participants of Tugolbai Abdumalikov’s guest lecture «Interaction of the Youth Committee of the Osh Mayor’s Office with NGOs: Experience and Practice» listen with interest to the innovative approach of the Youth Committee on development strategy until 2028

4th year student Nurmuhammed actively participates in discussions on role of youth

Nurmuhamed Attashbaev, 4th year university student actively participates in discussions on the role of CSOs in youth development

Aijana Ibraeva 4th year student speaks on role of CSO in youth development

Aijana Ibraeva, 4th year university student expresses her view on the role of youth in the society and interaction with nonprofits

Ms Moldalieva 4th year student on youth committee working with nonprofits

Ms. Moldalieva, 4th year university students expressing interest in working with nonprofits

Abdilazimov 4th year student on coordination youth committee working with CSOs

Fourth year university student Abdilazimov suggesting his options on how to improve interaction of youth committee with nonprofits