The Association of Guarantee Funds of the KR, with support of USAID Collaborative Governance Program, organized public hearings on amendments to the Law "On Guarantee Funds in the Kyrgyz Republic" with active participation of MPs, businessmen, representatives of the financial and banking system, donor community and civil society. The participants unanimously supported the proposed amendments to the law, which will increase the guarantee amount from 30 to 50% of the loan amount, and from 5 to 10% of the capital. In addition, the amendment will help to eliminate the existing limit of 20% for private sector. For more information, please see publications: and

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USAID Democracy and Governance Office Director Cori Johnston made opening remarks and supported the partnership of the Association of Guarantee Funds with the Jogorku Kenesh, Government of the Kyrgyz Republic, banking and financial system, donor and civil society communities

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Deputy of the Parliament (MP) Nodis Toktosimovich Karimov made opening remarks and chaired the public hearings

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Chair of the Association of Guarantee Funds Malik-Aidar Abakirov is the key engine of the Guarantee Fund development in Kyrgyzstan

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Chair of Guarantee Fund of Kara-Balta Daniyar Gasirov shared his experience and concerns as Kara-Balta Guarantee Fund is a pioneer among other 5 GFs

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President of the Union of Banks of the Kyrgyz Republic Anvar Abdraev