On March 29, 2016, the NPM Resource Center at Osh State University hosted a guest lecture of Kylychbek Isa, a member of the Association of Social Entrepreneurs of the Kyrgyz Republic, coach and mentor of start-up projects on social entrepreneurship. Over 25 participants including students, faculty members,CSO and business representatives attended the guest lecture.The lecturer discussed the issues of social entrepreneurship; global trends of social entrepreneurship; creation of business ideas; success factors in social entrepreneurship; and social entrepreneurs in Kyrgyzstan. During the guest lecture participants learned many interesting facts about the history of social entrepreneurship development abroad and in the Kyrgyz Republic. The lecturer familiarized the participants with many examples of social entrepreneurship from the global practice.

Kylychbek Isa photo 1 factors of success

During the guest lecture, Kylychbek Isa introduced the participants to the history of social entrepreneurship, factors of success, and gave many global and local examples

Kylychbek Isa photo 2 telling about start ups in KR

The participants of the guest lecture of Kylychbek Isa learned about start-ups on social entrepreneurship in the Kyrgyz Republic

Kylychbek Isa photo 3 why CSOs work on social entrepreneuships

Kylychbek Isa explained to the participants, why nonprfits are interested and involved into social entrepreneurship

Kylychbek Isa photo 4 answering questions on social entrepreneurship

The Guest Lecture of Kylychbek Isa was interactive and lively with questions and discussions of different aspects of social entrepreneurship

Kylychbek Isa photo 5 SmileKG Larisa Kuznetsova sharing her experience on SE

Smile.KG Chair Larisa Kuznetsova shared her experience on social entrepreneurship with the participants of Kylychbek Isa’s guest lecture

Kylychbek Isa photo 6 Mset Group Daniyar Polotov sharing his experience on SE

Daniyar Polotov fromMset Group discussed the factors of success in social entrepreneurship