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On April 19, 2016, USAID CGP in partnership with Freedom House organized one of a series of seminars on the theme: Governance and NGOs: Strengthening the Board conducted for CSOs in different regions of the country. Seventeen members of CSOs from Talas and Bishkek actively participated in the seminar to learn how to build the capacity of boards of directors and support them in developing and sharing models of good governance practice. They worked in groups, discussed the role of the Governing Board in CSO development, furthermore participants made a quick research on the difference between “Governance and Management”. Each team gave the definition of the mission and shared examples of CSO missions as well as its place and role in the development of the society. During the seminar, the participants have learned about legislation of the Kyrgyz Republic regarding the Governing Board. In conclusion, the participants received answers to their questions as well as solutions to many of them and developed a draft plan for further activities.  


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Coach of the seminar Nurgul Tashtanova explains the importance of activation plan in the governance of NGOs


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Participants representing CSOs shared their experiences and activation plan in the governance of NGOs


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Participants had an opportunity for questions and answers sessions


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Making notes for planning further activities


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During the training, the participants played a game to cheer up each other


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The seminar ended with good wishes and applause of participants to the trainers and organizers of the productive seminar